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Valve equipment screws from QT Fastener

Valve equipment screws from QT Fastener

QT company has over 17 years screws producing experience. All kinds of machine screws are available. The below pictures are our application for the valve machines/equipment. Combination screws like GB9074.7  are widely and high volume used in the valve machines. Picture 01 Picture 02 Picture 03

QT screws  are highly appreciated by our clients

QT screws are highly appreciated by our clients

QT screws has over 17 years production experience. Widely used in various industries. QT machine screws are highly appreciated by our clients. (soldering machine/equipment) The below contents are pictures from one of our long-term cooperation customers. We are their golden supplier for many years. Picture 01-(screws on the circuit board) Picture 02-(client plant) Picture 03-(client plant)

Visiting our customer as a golden supplier

Visiting our customer as a golden supplier

On 18th Feb.,we were invited to one of our customers as their golden supplier. (pictures of certificates) The below pictures showed some of their starring products.(laser machine screws) Our QT Fastener factory is mainly professionally supplying all kinds of screws,bolts ,nuts  etc. We are golden supplier of many our customers. We always try our best to provide qualified products and competitive price. That is why more and more customers choosing us . Choosing QT, Choosing reliable partner,let's get a brighter future together.

Spring Festival holiday schedule

Spring Festival holiday schedule

Dear customers, Our company Spring Festival holiday will be during 2019.1.28-2019.2.12 . Totally 15 days. We will deliver the goods on Feb. 13. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenient to you. You can connect us when you need our help. HP/Skype/Whatsapp/Wechat:+8618813901699 Kindly note this pls. Shenzhen Qiangtuo Fastener Co., Ltd 

World market of QT

World market of QT

Shenzhen QT Fastener Co.,Ltd marketing network is all over the world. QT mainly supplys standard and non-standard fasteners pieces: machine screws,self tapping screws,nuts,bolts,pins,rivets,retaining rings etc. Over 17 years of factory producing experience, diversified standard and non-standard pieces can meet different needs,Get top quality machine screws,self tapping screws,etc,welcome to here.

QT team members in Shenzhen International marathon

QT team members in Shenzhen International marathon

CMSK OTC 2017 Shenzhen Baoan Intrenational Marathon One of the athletes of QT. All of the athletes take group photos QT fastener factory is producing various kinds of screws such as:machine screws,self tapping screws,nuts and bolts,washers,pins,rivets,retaining ring etc. Welcome your enquiry.

QT factory participating fire-drill

QT factory participating fire-drill

In order to prevent fire,our company participated fire-drill on 3 Sept 2018.This activity is organized by fire policeman. We all devote ourselves to take active part in this activity. QT always put management of safety production firstly. As we know that safety is the most important thing. We are appreciated by the administrative department. Production safety is our company's first priority.  Safe storage is our basic requirement. QT will follow the administrative policies . We will keep high standard safety management to reassure our customers. We are fastener factory producing machine screws,self tapping screws,nuts and bolts,washers,pins,rivets,retaining ring etc. Welcome your enquiry.

QT screws used for touch AD machine

QT screws used for touch AD machine

Touch AD machines are very popular nowadays. QT is an qualified supplier and reliable Machine Screws/nuts/bolts manufacturer in China. Our customers appreciate our products and services. Customers are our god,quality is our soul. QT will keep high quality standards all the time. Welcome your enquiry.

New Japanese cold heading screws machine

New Japanese cold heading screws machine

Our company always continuously uptimizes our eauipments to meet our customers' needs. This machine can produce high precision screws. QT provides all kinds of machine screws,self tapping screws. Welcome your enquiry.

The difference between bolt and screw

The difference between bolt and screw

Screws are just common parlance of fasteners. They include: bolts, screws, nuts, as long as there are threaded fasteners, screws, nuts, bolts and screws all have one thing in common: they all have threads. Tips for distinguishing bolts from screws: 1. Bolts: mechanical parts, cylindrical, threaded fasteners with nuts.A type of fastener consisting of a head and a cylinder with an external screw, which is fitted to a nut and used to fasten two parts connected with a through hole.This connection is called bolt connection.If the nut is removed from the bolt, the two parts can be separated, so the bolt connection is a removable connection. 2. Screw: it is also a type of fastener composed of the head and screw, which can be divided into three types according to the usage: machine screw, set screw and special purpose screw.The machine screw is mainly used for the fastening of the part with a fixed thread hole, and the fastening connection between the part with a through hole, without the need of nut fitting (this kind of connection is called screw connection, which is also a detachable connection;It can also be fitted with a nut for a fastening connection between two parts with a through hole.The setting screw is mainly used to fix the relative position between two parts.Special purpose screws such as ring screws for lifting parts. Classification purposes 1. Bm =1d double-end stud is generally used for connection between two steel fasteners;Bm =1.25d and bm=1.5d are generally used for connection between cast iron and steel.Bm =2d twin-end stud is generally used for connecting aluminum alloy and steel.The preceding connector is provided with an inner threaded hole, while the latter one is provided with a through hole. 2. The threads at both ends of the equal length double-end stud shall be matched with the nuts and washers for two connecting parts with through-holes. One end of the welding stud is welded on the surface of the connecting piece, and the other end (threaded end) passes through the connecting piece with the through hole, and then the washer is put on, and the nut is turned on, so that the two connecting parts become one whole. Our company is a professional Screws supplier,such as metric machine screws,Self Tapping Screws etc.Want to get high quality Screws?welcome to our factory!


5A grade welding screws

Automotive standards such as GS 92022, MBN75 or MBN 75K and VW standards

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5A grade welding screws

The 5A grade welding screws are designed for welding to metal surfaces, leaving shafts for easy placement and fixing with nuts and washers. These fasteners are suitable for use on connecting sheets.
Automotive standards such as GS 92022, MBN75 or MBN 75K and VW standards

Available Materials:

Steel:C45(K1045), C46(K1046),C20,etc.

Brass:C36000 ( C26800), C37700 ( HPb59), C38500( HPb58),

C27200CuZn37), C28000(CuZn40),etc.

Bronze: C51000, C52100, C54400, etc.

Stainless Steel: SS201, SS302,SS303, SS304, SS316, SS410, SS420

Iron: 1213, 12L14,1215,etc.

Aluminum: Al6061, Al6063, etc.

Alloy steel: SCM435,10B21, C10B33,etc.

Tatinium: TA1,TA2,TC4

We also produce welding screws according to drawings or samples and take your special requirements into consideration.


Product name: 5A grade welding screws


Place of Origin:Shenzhen,China

Finish:Plain,ZP,YZP,HDG,or customized

Material:Carbon Steel,stainless steel or customized

Hardness:Grades customized


Non-standards:OEM is available,according to drawings or samples

Samples:Samples are free

Package:In standard exported packing,or according to customers' requirement

Payment:T/T,L/C,or others


welding screws

Series Show

welding screws

Machine screws:a machine screw is usually described as small diameter bolt. It features a straight ,untapered shank and a blunt end.

Nuts: metric nuts and customized sizes for your choosing.
Bolts: metric bolts and customized sizes, all kinds of types such as wing bolts,eye bolts,expansion bolts etc.

Self tapping screws:self tapping screws series including drywall screws,chipboard screws,self drilling tapping screws,sheet metal screws,wood screws.
Hex & Hex socket screws:both hex and hex socket screws are available.

Others:washers,pins,rivets,retaining rings

QT manufacturer has rich experience over 17 years,we can supply various kinds of machine screws.Standard and non-standard are available.

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welding screws


Q1: What do you need to provide a quote?

A1: Please kindly send us the drawing of your product. Details below should be included,Materials,Surface Finish,Specifications,Quantity.

Q2: How does the payment process work?

A2: Payment terms are flexible for us in accordance with specific conditions. Generally we advise 50%TT deposit, balance be paid before shipment.

Q3: What will you do for after sales?

A3: When our metal parts apply to your products, we will follow up and await you feedback. Any question related to our metal parts, our experienced engineers are ready to help.

*Welcome to visit our factory!factory price!

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    5A grade welding screws
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